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SasuNaru100 - Creative Challenge Community

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About Us

Here we have weekly challenges varying in different styles. Those styles are drabbles, short fics and artwork. The community is open membership and anyone can participate as long as you are a member. Only members can vote when voting time begins. This community challenge allows both sasuxnaru and naruxsasu pairings. If you don't like what's posted, then don't read it. No one is forcing you to read/look at what you don't like.

Non-challenge pieces of art/work are also welcome as long as they are sasuxnaru or naruxsasu related. The only thing I ask is that you please label them as a non-challenge post, so I don't get it confused with the challenge posts. I want to encourage writing and artwork as much as I can, because both are beautiful forms of creativity and should be shared.

Important Info

Short FAQ, A Few Rules, How to Vote, Tagging

Past Challenges, Previous Winners

Affiliates // Links

Affiliates: naruto_teachme, chibisasunaru, naughty_ninjas, naruto100, narutoyaoi, bigbluebox

Links Out: sasuxnaru, sasunaru, naruxsasu, chuunin, sn_vs_ns, naruto_fanworks

Thank you 150_comms for archiving us!

Credit to

Images from here and here
Extra Credits to: sekiyoku & seki_yumizu for letting me use their artwork for the banners. Much <33 to you both.


LJ: hitzusin  // AIM: x Valhallas x
MSN: emosuke@gmail.com // Email: mistee@gmail.com