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[Thank you hitzusin for fixing the settings for us to post fanfictions ♥]

Title: Open your eyes.
Author: Go-To-The-Extreme AKA MissMoody.
Rating: K+
Pairings: NaruSasu
Fic Length: One-shot.
Summary: Sakura sits in a hospital room waiting for her husband, Naruto, to wake up from a coma he had mysteriously fallen into. Naruto suffers in a foreign world where a cloaked figure is around every corner, waiting for him with ruby-red eyes.

(A bizarre procession of dreams, that was the only way he could put what he saw to words...)

Feel free to leave a comment here on LJ if you do not have an FF account and wish to leave a comment❣
5th-Jan-2010 01:25 am - Freak Me Baby prologue + ch 2
Forever, SasuNaru
Second update! Kill me 'cause you know you'll hate me!

Title: Freak Me Baby
Author: Yamatochan
Pairings: SasuNaru, ShikaKiba, slight ShikaIno and SasuSaku
Warnings: Smex (future), hetero pairings, prostitution

Prologue and ch 1 on FF.net: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5640671/1/Freak_Me_Baby

Prologue and ch 1 on TONFA: http://www.narutofic.org/viewstory.php?sid=9857
4th-Jan-2010 10:48 pm - Father and Son chapter 6
Forever, SasuNaru
Yeeesh, darlings, finally back!

I have explained my situtation and the writer's block in the fic.
Note! I'm a lazy person, so my AFF count doesn't work. So, I have my fic on TONFA.

Title: Father and Son, chapter 6
Author: Yamatochan
Rating: NC-17 (the first! W00t)
Warnings: Smex

FF.net: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4173706/6/Father_and_Son

TONFA: http://www.narutofic.org/viewstory.php?sid=9855&textsize=0&chapter=6
5th-Dec-2009 01:16 am(no subject)
Title: Simple Listenings
Rating: M (for implied torture, although it's pretty light)
Pairings: SasuNaru
Fic Length: One-shot short story
Summary: Sasuke has been successfully brought back to the village, only to endure a series of inhuman interrogations by the notorious Ibiki. Naruto pays him a visit between interrogation sessions and instills a shard of hope into the Uchiha.....
Teaser: Naruto didn’t recoil in any way, but something shattered deep inside of his eyes, and Sasuke, sensing the sudden vacuum of emotions, suddenly felt like he had, in some way, ripped the life from the blonde before him and shredded it to tatters, just like how Ibiki had shredded his own thoughts and memories into meaningless pieces of matter and dust.

Simple Listenings
1st-Dec-2008 11:07 pm - [Fic] Leave it Alone
Non-contest entry, just thought I'd share  :)

Title:  Leave it Alone
Author:  Chibi
Pairing:  Sasuke and Naruto
Warnings:  Yaoi, pre-teen attempts at lemon-ish activity, spoilers to current manga arc, angst
Notes:  Got the idea after reading… some chapter of the manga, not sure which one, and the idea of Sasuke and Naruto being curious about some adult activities and being absolutely clueless was stuck in my head  ^^  And I felt like writing canonverse fic, which I haven’t done in ages, and randomly, one day, I missed the old days of Naruto back when SasuNaru was all about running up the tree the fastest.  Man, those were the days…

If you consider penetration as the main ingredient of sex then Sasuke and Naruto have never done “it.” Collapse )
17th-Nov-2008 08:53 am - Bored it's been a while

It's been forever since I wrote something due to a lack of computer! (my puppy ate the charger cord) and my new laptop is on it's way! I want to start writing again but I have no idea what to write about! Who wants to help :3? Any ideas?

Posted via LiveJournal.app.

21st-Sep-2008 01:30 am - Father and Son chapter 5
Forever, SasuNaru
Author: Yamatochan
Title: ...When it's time to confess..
Pairings: (in this) SasuNaru, ShinoKiba, ShikaNeji, LeeGaa(?)
Warnings: Kissing, angstiness, fluffiness..
Comments: It's VERY late, I know and I'm terribly sorry about that... My life was, is and will be too hectic so the future chapters will also be late..very much.. But enjoy the chapter!

In FF.net:



9th-Jun-2008 10:21 am - ANNOUNCEMENT!!!!!
teen wolf - dylan in wolf hat
Formerly strawbrrygashs here (I changed my username)!

I'm gonna open shop once again! I've decided after giving it a lot of thought, that I would hate to see this place close down and not be the awesome community it once was. But for that to happen, there's going to be a few rule changes, not many mind you, one or two at the most.

First and foremost. Please do not post your fanfiction here after today. I am going to do an overhaul and remove all of the fanfiction posts that have been made (ie. non-challenge posts, or posts not related to any of the challenges). So if you need to back up your fics, please do so and please refrain from posting them from today onward. If you do, I'll just delete it. I won't be mean and ban you or anything, I'll just remove them.

Also, since I've moved down to Florida (from Nebraska) my internet is shitty wireless, so unless I can get a reliable banner maker, there's only going to be ONE 'winner' banner for each place (ie. 1st, 2nd, 3rd) for both fanfiction and fanart (6 total). They will NOT be personalized (unless, like I said, we get a banner maker). Since I have shitty wireless, it takes forever for me to upload images or even load them (it makes reading manga hard. ><).

I am still going to retain the rule that you CAN post fanfiction as long as it's related to one of the challenges (ie. the drabble you wrote for challenge #24 inspired you to write a fic about that challenge), things of that nature. Non-challenge (related) fanfiction will no longer be allowed. Same goes for fanart.

If a challenge lasts longer than two weeks with minimal response, I will move on. I will NOT be extending the deadline unless I get 3 or more requests asking for one, only then will I extend it. Each challenge will have 2 themes for you to choose from.

I'm tempted to make the challenges only one week long, what do you think? I would like some feedback on this. If I get no response, I will take it as there are no qualms about it and reduce the deadline to 1 week, 2 weeks if extended.

I think that's all. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to comments with them here. And remember, I will be deleting non-challenge related fanfictions within this coming week, so if you need to please back up your fanfictions now. Thank you!
5th-Jun-2008 09:16 pm(no subject)

Title: Unholy Graveyard
Rating: NC-17 for yaoi
Pairings: SasuNaru, a bit of NaruIsen
Chapters: A lot…this will be a long story….^_^
Warnings: I didn’t rate this NC-17 for nothing; this story will have an abundance of mature scenes, and I’m talking about more than just sex.

Summary: A twisted labyrinth of deception begins to blossom as Naruto disappears from Konoha, searching to achieve newfound goals set before him by the Kyuubi. His flight isn’t missed by the ones he left behind, especially not by a certain Uchiha, who relentlessly pursues him with an almost ruthless flight.

Chapter 41: The resulting pain resonated and ricocheted off the walls of his skull, but still the illusion held, and only seemed to get stronger with the sense of pain.

Previous chapters can be found under the link as well!
Hi. I was looking around this journal last night and felt like picking up a challenge.  So here is the fic.

Title: The Blanketeers: The Blanketee and The Blanketer

Author: trouble_upon_me

Challenge: Blanket

Pairing: SasuNaru

Genre: Romance, Fluff

It's a spin-off of my other story, Definitely Maybe

Now, the story. 

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